Här kan du följa bobåts-projektet "Atle 1901". Atle är en före detta bogserbåt som byggdes på Karlskrona Örlogsvarv 1901. Atles signal är SDMK.

Januari 2019: Another perfect storm

Publicerad 2019-01-02 15:07:55 i 2019,

Woke up around four this morning because Atle was rolling heavily, the wind was so strong it created big waves behind us. Despite the fact that we are moored up at the northern quay (Norr Mälarstrand) and the gusts came from NW?! It’s one of those moments you appreciate living at sea.

December 2018: A Happy New Year

Publicerad 2018-12-28 12:23:34 i 2018,

2018 has been a really good year, at least for Atle. New steering cylinders, new anchor chain, new isolation in the machine room, newly painted decks, newly painted exterior, new added design to the salon and a lot more. My first thought was that we had been lazy but the list of improvements is pretty long. Looking forward to 2019! We wish you a happy new year!

November 2018: Absolute fog

Publicerad 2018-11-28 09:15:18 i 2018,

I really like the weather with all the twists and turns. Today ”absolute fog”.


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