Här kan du följa bobåts-projektet "Atle 1901". Atle är en före detta bogserbåt som byggdes på Karlskrona Örlogsvarv 1901. Atles signal är SDMK.

Juli 2017: Back to the scene of crime

Publicerad 2017-07-11 12:36:00 i 2017,

Ok, no crime. Not by us anyway. We are revisiting Siaröfortet. Its located on the island of "Kyrkogårdsön" west of Siarö in the Stockholm archipelago, at Furusundsleden, and represented together with Meadow Holm fort Vaxholms outer line of fortifications. The fort was initially planned to be constructed at Siarö, hence the name. They changed their minds, however, and was based instead on Kyrkogårdsön. Here the enemy fleet would be destroyed in an inferno of fire and smoke. The name Kyrkogårdsön is derived from what was an ancient burial ground for cholera victims on the island. A perfect place for crimes and foul play.


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